August 9, 2020

Xbox Expansion Pass - Episode 44: Interview with Grounded Game Director Adam Brennecke | Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Announced | Spider-Man a Playstation Exclusive in Marvel’s Avengers

In episode 44 of the Xbox Expansion Pass (XEP) we chat with Adam Brennecke, the Game Director for Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded which launched into Xbox Early Access and Steam preview to over 1 million players. Rocksteady has officially acknowledged their upcoming Suicide Squad project while Spider-Man is set to be a Playstation exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers. Enjoy! 


The Xbox Expansion Pass (XEP) is a podcast dedicated to interpreting the goings on in the world of video games and analyzing how they impact the Xbox ecosystem. Luke Lohr, the InsipidGhost, plays host and discusses various topics throughout the industry. The guests on the show are meant to help gamers expand their knowledge of the gaming industry.


Twitter: InsipidGhost 


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