June 26, 2022

Xbox Expansion Pass 137: Sniper Elite 5 Developer Interview | Microtransactions in Halo | Grounded Full Release

In episode 137 of the Xbox Expansion Pass  we’re welcoming Sniper Elite 5’s Lead Designer Ryan Baker on to discuss his work at Rebellion bringing Sniper Elite action to gamers. It’s kill cams galore. Prior to that it’s been a light news week so we dive deep into the XEP mailbag. Enjoy!

The Xbox Expansion Pass (XEP) is a podcast dedicated to interpreting the goings on in the world of video games and analyzing how they impact the Xbox ecosystem. Luke Lohr, the InsipidGhost, plays host and discusses various topics throughout the industry. The guests on the show are meant to help gamers expand their knowledge of the gaming industry.

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0:00 Opening

0:49 Welcome

1:22 Words of Kindness

2:48 Halo MCC Microtransactions

7:47 Headsets - Arctis Nova Pro

11:55 Fall Guys Xbox

13:11 2022 Indies

17:26 Grounded Full Release

20:46 Xbox Games on Playstation

23:53 Goldeneye on Xbox

26:11 Fall Xbox Games

28:55 Emotional Xbox Games

33:30 Sniper Elite 5 Interview

34:45 Watching Player Feedback

40:48 Difficulty & Accessibility

45:40 Sandbox Strategies

53:31 Kill Cams

56:19 Testicle Explosions

1:02:10 Zombie Army

1:07:16 Multiplayer

1:15:23 Xbox Game Pass

1:22:26 Closing


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