June 19, 2022

Xbox Expansion Pass 136: Resident Evil Announcements | Xbox VS Square Enix | Developer Interview: Redout 2

In episode 136 of the Xbox Expansion Pass we’ll recap a few of the bigger announcements from the Capcom Showcase including the news regarding Series S|X upgrades for Resident Evil titles. After that we'll examine the Final Fantasy announcements from Square Enix including  what is and is not coming to Xbox. Finally, we welcome back developers 34BigThings to discuss the launch of their antigravity racer Redout 2.  It’s a packed episode and I hope you Enjoy! 

The Xbox Expansion Pass (XEP) is a podcast dedicated to interpreting the goings on in the world of video games and analyzing how they impact the Xbox ecosystem. Luke Lohr, the InsipidGhost, plays host and discusses various topics throughout the industry. The guests on the show are meant to help gamers expand their knowledge of the gaming industry.

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0:00 David Bateson Intro

0:30 Welcome

1:09 Words of Kindness

1:55 Housekeeping

3:44 Capcom Showcase

5:53 Resident Evil Village

7:51 Dragon's Dogma 2

9:35 Starfield Scope

10:48 ExoPrimal

12:34 Final Fantasy Xbox

13:48 Ignoring Xbox

18:33 Showcase Reflections & Diablo 4

20:35 Listener Mail

22:30 Xbox Mascot

24:38 Halo Rumors

27:00 A Plague's Tale

28:14 Serious Xbox Games

31:35 Redout 2 Intrerview

33:12 Redout 2's Goals

35:06 Difficulty

38:00 Easier With Sequels

42:11 Ship Customization

45:46 NVRA Racing Inspiration

48:08 Redout 2 Soundtrack

50:15 Dynamic Music

52:40 Accessibilty Options

57:43 Redout Space Assault

1:00:00 No Xbox Game Pass/PS Plus

1:04:47 Outro



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